BBQ-ing today

Just -2degrees outside and we have the BBQ going…. #hotchocolate anyone? Thanks to Dorset’s Kiwi Butcher – Photography (C) 2018 Dorset Charcoal – Thermapen thermometers – Sheep’s Milk Yogurt – Cutlery – — We then setup some printed flyers – A6 size – this is how they came out. ——

Those flavours from the BBQ and herbs and yogurt….

I set to work firstly BBQ-ing the Chicken (remember 75 alive! as that great BBQ chef Marcus taught me) so out with the thermopen. Dry herbs, smoked paprika – done. Bowl of Sheep’s Milk Yogurt from our friends at @woodlandsdairy with a touch of cracked black pepper and lime juice / bunch of coriander leafs. Plates from our #propscupboard (ever growing) Cutlery from our friends at @studiowilliamcutlery  #foodphotography by @RichardBudd (C) 2018

The weather forecast for today says clear & cloudy with a chance of rain!

I never rely on the British weather for work – I’ve been caught out too many times for that I I normally find myself out and about shooting on location so have to bring the weather with me. I like to use CTO (warm light) gels to bring a touch of sunlight to an image by warming the colour temperature of my lights. Today called for something a little different – snow, yes I said snow!! With a little research and some messy trial and error – shaving foam and bicarbonate of soda came to the rescue! I shot this …

Gyle59 and Oz Clarke….

What a great guy and such nice words for Gyle59. “I can’t believe my luck on the windiest Saturday this year! I just had my eyelids turned inside out from the wind on the Cobb – desperate for a reviving pint I stumbled on this subterranean heaven full of some of the most impressive brewed real beer I’ve come across all year! They seem to have 13 different brews on the board and I intend to try the lot! Communities need breweries like Gyle 59 – they are a leading light in the local movement that does so much to …

Annual Porters Perfection Cocktail Competition

Annual Porters Perfection Cocktail Competition – Another fantastic day shooting cocktails and talent for those nice folk at Liberty Fields. The story… One Guy… invites 8 mixologists…. taking some Liberty Fields produce and shake up some magic…   They shake and stir…. and create these drinks….. @LibertyFields – main sponsor @eatdorshi – venue @richardbudd – event photographer @lloyd_bartender – brand ambassador and organiser …but only one winner! Photography by (C) 2017

Magazine Spreads

Shooting some magazine stock imagery here at RB-HQ. It’s all about the colours and textures. If you’d like us to shoot some magazine stills for your next publication – simply drop us an email. Hope you agree. RB

Wood, Fire and Smoke…. with Cornelius Veakins.

On a shoot with Cornelius Veakins from the In a nutshell – Cornelius sets fire to wood and creates amazing food! Simple hey….. Well I’d like to think so, he does make it look easy. Prepped with those lovely blades too – I learnt of a great new cookware thanks to Photography by (C) 2017