Bin plastic and grab a Bottle of Copper (Water)…

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Bin plastic and grab a Bottle of Copper (Water)…

Say goodbye to plastic and stainless steel water bottles, which are a breeding ground for bacteria, and start sterilising your drinking water naturally, with a pure copper water bottle.

It was a great time to be shooting a new product from those nice folk at Kalsi Ayurveda with the help of Alice Flynn –


It’s also amazing to discover new products and how they can help your health and wellbeing too – I went down a rabbit hole of research after learning about Copper and it’s uses.

Drinking water from a copper container is a ritual that has been practised in Ayurveda for centuries. Copper is naturally antibacterial & antiviral. It is also considered to be an essential mineral that’s vital for our bodies and wellbeing. When you store water inside a Kalsi bottle a natural process called the Oligodynamic effect occurs. During this process the copper surface kills off any bacteria, mould or virus present in your water, resulting in pure, fresh and clean drinking water 24/7!



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