Happy New Year to 2021 – We are open for work…

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Happy New Year to 2021 – We are open for work…

Well, 2020 was fun hey – with its ups and downs.

So, here we are 2021.

It’s the 5th January and we head into UK wide Lockdown. I’d like to remind people I am open to work and taking on new clients and looking after my existing clients too. Working from the studio here in Dorset we are in a good place to assist you and your business with Photography and Film support. If you have a new product or service or need new online imagery to help sell your product – drop us a line we’d love to hear from you.

I wish you all a successful 2021 – and please just ask if you need any help/support. It would be a great time to work together to get through this, and above all, we’d like to see everyone make it through to the “other side” whatever that has in store for us.

Stay Safe – Be Positive – Test Negative






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