Boer Goat – is it the New Super Food?

As a food and drink photographer it’s always nice to trace the dish back to the farm it came from… I love this goat posing for the camera – I trust will be posting this on their social media. 🙂 A wonderful setup here at New Farm Barn – Dorset Goat Meat Co is now on the map…   This part of the post is only for me really so I don’t lose the recipe… 😉 OMG Try this goat curry. —start— GOAT CURRY! Goat pieces 1 x Onion – roughly chopped 1.5 inch Fresh Ginger 1 x Bay Leaf 4 …

Cool as…..

Great to see up and running online – we had some fun taking this New Product to Soho London to shoot it with people on the streets. It was amazing fun to meet people, let them know the back story regarding the product and share time with them – if only for a few minutes. Thanks all. Then some studio time shooting the products for PR and Marketing. Check them out and if you’re lucky enough to try this product please let us know in the comments below.

A day with Dan – Head Chef Dan Andree at The White Hart Preston Bissett

An absolute pleasure to be shooting outstanding products for I.O.Shen Knives with the talented Head Chef Dan Andree at The White Hart Preston Bissett. A shoot showcasing the hard work and some behind the scenes shots of Chef Dan hard at work. He has an amazing detail to finish and a visual take of dishes. The detail, taste, colours and textures of his food was a delight to witness. I get to meet and shoot with lots of foodie people, chefs and creators – it’s great to see such drive and passion for creating not only great food but a …

SALT Cø. Authentic French Inspired menu Pop Up Restaurant

Shooting a selection of mains and starters to showcase the amazing work from Christian Orner. Authentic French Inspired menu Pop Up Restaurant – Plates & Co, 16 Landseer Road, BH4 9EH Bournemouth – Monday, 6 May 2019 from 19:00-22:00 Thanks to Studio William Cutlery – French Inspired I.O.Shen Master Grade Knives More info and tickets go to –

A conversation about photographic styles….

This Blog Post is aimed at being a useful resource for clients wishing to discuss a photographic brief with us. It shows and explains the various types of imagery we can create and goes towards starting the conversation to ensure all our clients are happy with the images supplied. Location: Studio or Location Photographic Term: Top Down Point of View: Top Down Description: This is known as a TOP DOWN or Birds-eye-view. Popular with online Blogs, Websites, Social Media use. The shots can be cropped to fit most online uses. Benefits: Great way of showing multiple objects/products. Sometimes uses to show work in progress (for …