It’s all about lighting – Godox AD200 Strobes Vs Godox VL150 LED

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It’s all about lighting – Godox AD200 Strobes Vs Godox VL150 LED

Head to Head

Godox AD200 Strobes Vs Godox VL150 LED

Those nice folk at Lencarta sent me a Godox VL150 to try out – I put it up head-to-head with the AD200 strobes – Simple Hey?

This is how it went…

This is the Viper Gin – shot with the VL150 and a softbox…

This is the Viper Gin – shot with the AD200 and some diffusion fabric…

Thanks to Lencarta for sending me this gear to test – although this is an affiliate review – I’ve given you my honest review and the images speak for themselves. IMHO. ūüôā Enjoy.

Thanks to Viper Gin – CLICK THIS LINK.

If you want to know more about Lencarta – CLICK THIS LINK!

If you’re interested in buying a VL150 for shooting video (or stills) – CLICK THIS LINK.

If you’re interested in buying a AD200 Pro for shooting stills – CLICK THIS LINK.

A little more about the VL150 LED Video Light Spec.

Godox VL150 Video LED Light


The VL150 LED Video Light from Godox is a lightweight and compact LED light suitable for portraits, product, location and video-based applications such as interviews, cinematography. The daylight-balanced LED features a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 95, producing highly accurate colour renditions and rendering realistic colour tones. The VL150 light is operated by an external controller, keeping it both compact and lightweight perfect for travelling to locations. The FV150 also features a Bowens type S-fit fitting allowing you to attach a large range of accessories and modifiers.

HIGH COLOUR ACCURACY: The VL150 offers an advanced CRI (colour rendition Index) with a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) rating of 95. The stepless dimming power ranges from 0% – 100%. The output quality is perfect for film making and professional broadcasting.

PERFECT FOR A RANGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY: The VL150 is a powerful solution for Newborn, Still Life, Portrait, Video, Interviews, youtube videos, Green Screen and professional cinematographers.

WIRELESS CONTROL: Included with the VL150 is a wireless radio remote control allowing to use the light without the need of cables from your camera. The built in Bluetooth feature also allows you to control the light via the Godox app which is available from the app store on ios and google play store.

BOWENS S-TYPE MOUNT: The VL150 comes with a Bowens S-Type mount which makes it compatible with a large range of soft boxes and modifiers. This is a great addition to your kit if you are already using Bowens modifiers.

TWO YEAR GODOX WARRANTY / OFFICIAL UK REPAIR CENTRE: This product comes with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period. Based in the UK, our official factory trained technicians are here to get you back on track, quickly.



  • Built in Cooling Fan
  • Can be rotated at various angles to suit your work
  • Compatible with Bowens Mount accessories
  • Padded Godox Carry case included
  • Remote control included allowing you to control lights within 6 groups and 16 channels


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