Boer Goat – is it the New Super Food?

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Boer Goat – is it the New Super Food?

As a food and drink photographer it’s always nice to trace the dish back to the farm it came from…

I love this goat posing for the camera – I trust will be posting this on their social media. 🙂

A wonderful setup here at New Farm Barn – Dorset Goat Meat Co is now on the map…


This part of the post is only for me really so I don’t lose the recipe… 😉 OMG Try this goat curry.



Goat pieces

1 x Onion – roughly chopped

1.5 inch Fresh Ginger

1 x Bay Leaf

4 x Cardamom pods






salt and pepper

garam masala-

Blend spices, add everything to a casserole pan with lid, stir together to coat the goat.

cook for 3hrs at 100C – DRY! Stir at the end of each hour. THEN after 3 hrs add a tin of tomatoes or coconut milk – stir and cook for another hour! DONE. I normally leave it in the oven with the lid on for a day – then simple heat up in the oven the next day! OMG! Trust me! This is what you get!


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