Today’s Food&Drink Zoom Talk is with Chef DAN ANDREE from the Beach House Oxwich

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Today’s Food&Drink Zoom Talk is with Chef DAN ANDREE from the Beach House Oxwich

Today’s Food&Drink Zoom Talk is with Chef DAN ANDREE from the Beach House Oxwich

I’d love to introduce the night in the established way – THE LOCKDOWN BAND

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Dan shares his dish…

Elder flower champagne

900g caster sugar

9 large heads of elderflower

2 lemons (juiced & zested)

3g champagne yeast

4tbs white wine vinegar


Method: dissolve sugar with 2liters of hot water once dissolved add 3 litres of cold water, cleaned and strip elderflower florets and add all remaining ingredients together.

Allow mix to ferment for 5/8 days in a covered but not airtight container out of direct sunlight

Strain through muslin cloth but don’t force through , allow to sit for pollen/sediment to settle then pour into sanitised champagne bottles and leave in cool dark place for five days checking the carbonation buy opening the lids to vent excess co2 .


Elder flower cordial

1.5 kg caster sugar

1 lemon

25 elderflower heads

85g citric acid

Method: dissolve the sugar with 1 litre of water, gently heat.

Once the sugar has dissolved, bring to the boil, then turn off the heat , gently was elderflower and trim stems , once cleaned add to warm syrup with citric acid & lemon (zest & sliced lemon ) allow to infuse for 24hours then pass through muslin and store up to six weeks in sanitised bottles .


Elderflower parfait

4 egg yolks

50 g caster sugar

100ml elder flower cordial

250ml double cream


Method: sabayon egg yolks & sugar till pale and aerated, add elderflower cordial and slowly fold in semi whipped cream, once frozen can be eaten.


Strawberry glee

200g strawberry puree

100g stock syrup

2g agar agar

2 gelatine leaves

Method: Heat stock syrup, puree & agar to 72oc whisk in gelatine and pour onto flat tray and chill once chilled cut edges and peel off gently from tray to wrap the parfait.


Strawberry sorbet

350g stock syrup

200g strawberry puree

½ lemon juiced

Method: Simply mix in blender and then churn in ice cream machine

Champagne sorbet

400ml champagne or elderflower champagne

50g glucose syrup

120g caster sugar

300g water

Method: bring sugars and water to the boil then add champagne and strain and churn in ice cream machine


Elderflower vinegar

6 elderflower heads

1 litre of white wine vinegar

200ml water

50g caster sugar

5 pink peppercorns

Method: clean elder flower and trim away stems, heat vinegar, water & sugar once sugar has dissolved add elderflower & peppercorns and allow to infuse for 6 hours before straining .

I use this vinegar to lightly compress the strawberries adding a sweet and sour affect to the dish.

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