Kiosk Kids love Gelato….

Great fun shooting kids eating Gelato for Thank you to all the adults for helping too – not to mention the odd Dog or two. Oh yes, Baboo make a special Dog-Friendly Gelato. if you didn’t know already…  

Moules Mariniere – Kadai Wood Fired Mussels on the Beach…

Moules Mariniere   Kadai Wood Fired Mussels on the Beach… Thanks to Fire Bowls – @KadaiFireBowls Knives – @IOShenKnives Crockery – @DenbyPottery Cutlery – @StudioWilliamCutlery Watercress – @thewatercressco Sea Salt – @MaldonSeaSalt Apple Syrup – @LibertyFieldsDorset Model – @DeputyDan23 Music: Photography – @DorsetFoodandDrinkPhotographer Photo credit @RichardBudd (C) 2018

BBQ-ing today

Just -2degrees outside and we have the BBQ going…. #hotchocolate anyone? Thanks to Dorset’s Kiwi Butcher –¬† Photography¬†¬†(C) 2018 Dorset Charcoal ‚Ä Thermapen thermometers ‚Ä Sheep‚Äôs Milk Yogurt ‚Ä Cutlery – — We then setup some printed flyers – A6 size – this is how they came out. ——

Those flavours from the BBQ and herbs and yogurt….

I set to work firstly BBQ-ing the Chicken (remember 75 alive! as that great BBQ chef Marcus taught me) so out with the thermopen. Dry herbs, smoked paprika – done. Bowl of Sheep’s Milk Yogurt from our friends at @woodlandsdairy with a touch of cracked black pepper and lime juice / bunch of coriander leafs. Plates from our #propscupboard (ever growing) Cutlery from our friends at @studiowilliamcutlery¬† #foodphotography by @RichardBudd (C) 2018